LS&H Lawyers provides high-quality legal support to businesses and non-profit clients that are facing challenges typical of the corporate market. We assist clients in the following topics and areas of law:

Corporate Law – including advice regarding the choice of legal form, the (legal) realization of investments/loans, rules within a company (governance), international or national collaboration.

Contract Law – topics such as (inter)national partnership and joint venture agreements, general terms and conditions and procurement law.

Privacy and Data Protection – this includes issues related to the realization of smart technology in which data is collected and personal data (national or international) is processed that also requires protection and adequate regulation of rights regarding databases. Consider the examples of audits, the design of binding corporate rules, drafting of privacy regulations, etc.

Administrative Law – we assist our clients with obtaining permits and subsidies, avoiding (or receiving) fines or notices of administrative enforcement, but also when it comes to the creation of new laws and regulations at the local, regional and national level and the impact of such changes. In sum: in all matters of legal nature between governing bodies and our clients.

Civil and Administrative Procedural Law – our lawyers are both competent and experienced in litigation before the civil and administrative courts, as well as before various special legal bodies.

For other specialized cases such as in the fields of employment law, intellectual property law and criminal law, we work together with partner (law)offices that are well-equipped with the expertise to do so.