CleanTech/Renewable Energy
The life sciences industry is often not limited to (particularly during the research and development stage) the deployment of innovations in healthcare, but also focuses on their deployment in other sectors. A number of sectors has the same characteristics as the Life Sciences and Health sector. CleanTech, renewable energy are a few examples. With our expertise in the life sciences sector, as well as in the areas of corporate law, contract law and administrative law, combined with our years of experience, we are able to provide sound advice and a sounding board for the many innovative projects in this characteristic, young branch.

Many parties from abroad are familiar with LS&H Lawyers. We provide strategic guidance to such international parties from the moment they would like to introduce their innovation to the EU or Dutch markets. This collaboration enables them to choose the most successful route to follow and also to avoid getting into impossible circumstances.

Lectures / Training / Courses
Our office regularly delivers lectures, refresher courses (accredited), and training for parties in the general business market as well as specifically for the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector. For example, our office has provided the legal module for the LHV Academy’s Governance Course (Leergang Besturen, LHV-Academy) for many years, has been a legal partner to the Masterclass for Primary Care Managers (Masterclass Eerstelijns Bestuurders), our very own Ms Kien, MA, LLM has delivered a series of guest lectures for years in the Corporate Law course for the Master Law in the Healthcare at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and our law firm is frequently asked to clarify and elaborate on current events in the Netherlands and abroad (we have travelled to speak in cities such as Shanghai, Bangkok and Jakarta). For more information about the possibilities to provide a lecture or course to suit your needs, please contact Sophia Gordijn (